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We build Timber Frame Homes, Log Cabins and Post and Beam Cabins and Cottages in Vermont, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut, New York, Rhode Island—and Nationwide



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Visit JAMAICA COTTAGE SHOP for tiny homes, Vermont log cabins, studios, workshops, playhouses, barns, storage and financing options. Call Joe for a personalized home building plan: Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine and Rhode Island. We also pour concrete foundations, install roofing, windows and doors. We can harvest and mill our own lumber on site for custom stairs, counters and furniture.

cropped-c3c3ae90-dcd3-4ac3-a3ab-9aff207f73c8We’re on the Builder’s List for Coventry Log Homes in Woodsville, NH

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4819 Memorial Drive, Lyndonville, VT 05851



Delivering and building timber frame homes and log cabin kits anywhere in the USA: Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Cape Cod, Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, California, Oregon, Colorado, Stowe, Quechee, Woodstock, Manchester, Shelburne, Charlotte, Dorset, Killington, Jay Peak, Burke, Burlington.

Ask about our flat-rate turnkey General Contracting Services: From concrete foundation-to-roof. 6a56fc40-9c80-480e-92ef-2c8257095ab1

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Published by Joe Hodge

Joe Hodge is a novelist, filmmaker and director of the New York Film and Television Festival. He was born to a teacher and a carpenter from Jersey on a Vermont commune near the abandoned Lyndonville Air Force Station—whose guards first saw the lights in the sky later to “abduct” Betty and Barney Hill. With degrees in English, Psychology and Communications, he quit his WCAX-TV News cameraman job, rode his Harley solo cross-country and published Freedom Road—a travel memoir battling the broken American Dream. Now he is penning book #24. Joe built a cabin on an old Christmas tree farm to write Departed Harvest, winning the Rhode Island Film Festival Screenplay Competition and more. Inspirations: Joe’s friend was a grower in the deadly Humboldt underground to finance his Rock band, blended with Joe's commune-Air Force Base heritage—and the loss of his little Brother, the legendary Nate—in addition to Helltown, OH, the Love Canal and Celebrationtown, FL. These allegorical stories galvanize our dystopian tale, set one week into the future, co-produced by Navajo actor, inspirational speaker and producer, Loren Anthony; and Cassandra Seidenfeld, writing a Woody Allen series. Joe Kickstarted, wrote, produced, directed, shot and edited a short Departed Harvest film (with an awesome film team) at the actor Luis Guzman’s home in Sutton, Vermont. Joe was not paid for a new roof he installed on the home and his beloved cat was killed by Luis’ pit bull. Then…. Now Joe is producing Departed Harvest, Hard Power and Hippie Bus; raising his precious and precocious Daughter with a wonderful woman; and building green cabins and Vermont timber frame homes (with the fire and mold-resistant “hempcrete” option); and planning an indelible “Film Farm.” DEPARTEDHARVEST.COM

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